The Film Residency

Backstory The Film Residency © Goethe-Institut Libanon

Backstory The Film Residency

There will be 2 residencies offered in 2018.
Residency 1: July 1 - August 31, 2018
Residency 2: September 1 - October 31, 2018

call for APPLICATIONs ended ON decEMBER 1, 2017.

„BACKSTORY“ invites emerging filmmakers:
  • Who have already professional work experience and are up to 40 years old
  • Who plan to realize a film project or part of it (pre-production, production or post-production)
  • Who are working on any film genre except commercial ads
  • Who must be citizens of, and currently residing in, an eligible country:
        - Algeria - Jordan - Morocco - Tunisia   
        - Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - UAE
        - Egypt - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Palestine
        - Iraq - Libya - Syria - Qatar   
        - Yemen - Sudan
        - Germany

„BACKSTORY“ will provide: 
  • Accommodation at Beirut Art Residency
  • Stimulating workspace in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Beirut’s artistic district
  • Administrative and logistical support
  • Access to technical equipment according to project needs
  • Specialized master classes provided during the residency
  • Flights to and from Beirut
  • Monthly stipend of USD 1,000
The program is designed:
  • To support regional filmmakers in shaping their professional careers by providing creativity-enhancing working conditions
  • To initiate and facilitate networking in the region and between the region and Europe
  • To provide opportunities for exchange and exposure
  • To give Master Classes to enhance the capabilities of filmmakers
  • To give technical support for film projects by providing technical equipment
Goethe-Institut Lebanon
Nahr Ibrahim Street
Facing Sacré Coeur School back entrance
P.O.B. 113-5159

To consult BACKSTORY coordinator Mrs. Elisa Nobel, please contact phone:   
 +961 1 570131 Ext.: -210 or email:

Goethe-Institut Lebanon, Beirut Art Residency (BAR) and Metropolis Art Cinema Association are pleased to announce the call for submissions for the “BACKSTORY”- residency in 2018.

The call is open to emerging filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa countries (MENA Region) as well as Germany to participate in a residency in Beirut.

The Jury

Rania Stephan © Marwan Tahtah

Artist – filmmaker
Rania Stephan

Born in Beirut - Lebanon, Rania Stephan graduated in Cinema Studies from Latrobe University -Melbourne, Australia and Paris VIII University, France. 

Birgit Kohler © Birgit Kohler

Film curator
Birgit Kohler

Birgit Kohler is co-director of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin and a member of the selection committee for the International Forum of New Cinema, a sidebar of the Berlin Film Festival.

Youssef Shazli © Youssef Shazli

Youssef Shazli

Youssef was born and raised in Cairo. He graduated with a bachelor degree in International Development from McGill University in 2011 and moved back to Cairo shortly after. 

Jowe Harfouche © Jowe Harfouche

Jowe Harfouche

Jowe is the executive director of the Network of Arab Alternative Screens: NAAS, a regional organization that supports ​more than 20 cinema spaces offering alternative film programming in the Arab world. 

Residents 2017

Session 1

Panos Aprahamian © Panos Aprahamian

Panos Aprahamian

Panos Aprahamian is a writer and filmmaker based in Beirut. 

Aida El-Kashef © Aida El-Kashef

Aida El-Kashef

Aida El-Kashef is a film director and producer, and Executive Director of Ganoub Film for production and distribution based in Cairo. 

Pia Hellenthal © Pia Hellenthal

Pia Hellenthal

Pia Hellenthal is a Cologne & Berlin based filmmaker working in fiction and documentary.

Mohamed Ismael Louati © Mohamed Ismael Louati

Mohamed Ismael Louati

Ismaël has worked as cameraman, sound recorder, editor, screenwriter, producer and director on around twenty art videos, video installations and films. 

Session 2

Philip Widmann © Philip Widmann

Philip Widmann

Philip Widmann graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Hamburg and in Visual Communications from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg. 

Mahassine El Hachadi © Mahassine El Hachadi

Mahassine El Hachadi

Mahassine El Hachadi ist eine junge marokkanische Filmemacherin, die in Marrakesch, Marokko, lebt und arbeitet. 

Sarah Francis © Sarah Francis

Sarah Francis

Sarah grew up in Beirut and graduated from IESAV (Universite Saint Joseph Beirut

Rashad Mohamed © Rashad Mohamed

Mohamed Rashad

Mohamed Rashad ist Mitbegründer von Hassala Films.


The residency is an opportunity for those who want to upgrade their professional capabilities through Master Classes that will be available to residents (according to their interests) as well as for individuals who want to realize their filmmaking projects at any stage i.e. pre-production, production and post-production. It provides the chance to concentrate on their project by providing costs of living and accommodation; equipment if necessary and travel expenses.
This project is designed for emerging professionals who are able to work on their projects independently. Additionally, Master Classes will be provided as well as professional guidance and technical help in case residents need guidance in how to use the equipment.

The artists can be working on one or several stages of their filmmaking project:
  • Pre-production including scriptwriting
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Algeria - Jordan - Morocco - Tunisia
  • Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - UAE
  • Egypt - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Palestine
  • Iraq - Libya - Syria – Qatar
  • Yemen - Sudan
  • Germany
  • Feature
  • Documentary
  • Experimental
  • Animation
  • Short Film
  • Other