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Chances© Karim Farah


Lebanon and the world are going through times of crisis, dramatically affecting the ability and resources of artists to continue and develop their practices and secure their livelihoods.

In such times knowing about existing opportunities for artists becomes an urgent need – which is why we would like to draw your attention to a selection of residency programs, financing possibilities, mentoring opportunities, coproduction-calls and other Chances from our networks, which may be of interest to Lebanon based artists.

Please note that applications should be submitted through the institution issuing the call and not through Goethe-Institut Libanon, if not otherwise indicated.

Here is our regularly updated selection of Chances for you:

The Arab Documentary Photography Program © Doaa Nasr - The Many Disguises of Miss Invisible

The Arab Documentary Photography Program

Documentary photography sheds light on important neglected and unknown narratives. Over the past nine years, the Arab Documentary Photography Program has been dedicated to supporting unconventional, compelling, non-stereotypical visual documentation of social issues and narratives relevant to the Arab region. The program has proved itself to be a major springboard to emerging Arab photographers, granting access to the needed resources and adequate professional support to initiate and complete compelling documentary photography projects. This grant is open to applicants from, living and working in the Arab region, irrespective of age, years of experience, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Professional and emerging photographers are eligible to apply.
Deadline for submitting:
20 December 2023

International Forum at the Theatertreffen Theatertreffen © Pexel/Cottonbro

International Forum at the Theatertreffen

The Goethe-Institut awards grants for theatre professionals to take part in the Berliner Theatertreffen. The International Forum at the Berliner Festspiele’s Theatertreffen promotes theatrical artists from all over the world.
The grants generally cover all fees for participation in the programmes like costs of admission, travel expenses, expenses for travel within Berlin, accommodation, food or a daily allowance.
Deadline for submitting:
07 January 2024

Shadowing Programme for Young Theatre Professionals © Goethe-Institut


In association with the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the Goethe-Institut runs a shadowing programme for theatre people from abroad who have substantial prior experience in theatre abroad. After participating in the programme in Germany, you are expected to serve as a “multiplier”, i.e. to share the benefits of your experience in Germany with your theatre scene at home. We make it possible for selected theatre people from other parts of the world to get to know first-hand how at least one production is planned, rehearsed and performed at a theatre in Germany. They can also attend performances at other theatres.
Deadline for submitting:
Always Open

Promotion of music residencies in Germany - Gasteig München GmbH Gasteig München GmbH © Matthias Schönhofer


This grant is to enable performing artists working in the field of music from developing and transition countries to prepare new international programmes and productions with partners in Germany. The object of the programme is to promote international artistic collaboration and intensive cultural exchange on a partnership basis.

Artists' Houses in Germany © Goethe-Institut Libanon

Artists' Houses in Germany

Artists' houses support professional artists of all disciplines by providing them with studio space and accommodation for limited periods of time, often combined with the award of a stipend or grant. They are international meeting places and centres of cultural and creative exchange. On the following pages, the various artists' houses in Germany are listed with an outline of their programmes and selection procedures.



Artists and cultural actors at risk have the possibility to temporarily stay and work in Germany with the assistance of a host cultural institution. (Programme line 1)
MRI funding in programme line 1 enables cultural organisations in Germany to temporarily host artists and cultural actors, providing scholarships and a free and safe space for them to continue their creative work and to develop professionally.

Schloss Solitude Fellowship © Akademie Schloss Solitude

Schloss Solitude Fellowship

The Akademie Schloss Solitude is an international and transdisciplinary artists’ residence. It supports young artists, scholars, scientists, as well as cultural and economic professionals via residential fellowships only. Are you interested in applying for a residential fellowship? The candidates should not be older than 40 or have completed a university degree within the past five years. You will find all information on conditions, benefits and the selection procedure on this page. Scholarships are usually awarded for a period of six, nine or twelve months.
Deadline for submitting:
Always open

Wijhat Travel Grant © Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy


Arab artists and cultural actors face major challenges when it comes to traveling within the Arab region or abroad for professional purposes. Foremost among them are insufficient funding to cover travel expenses, difficulties in obtaining visas and lack of opportunities to network with organizations that could potentially become partners in the creative processes in this region. Wijhat (Destinations) was developed by Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy to address these concerns. The program provides grants of up to €7,000 to artists and cultural actors from the Arab region to support their travels within the Arab region or to any destination abroad.
Deadline for submitting:
Call is open all year long

Goethe-Institut Travel Grant © Goethe-Institut


This funding is for music projects of ensembles from developing and transition countries as per the DAC list that cannot afford the cost of international travel owing to their economic situation. It is for professional ensembles and artists as well as for amateur and youth ensembles. As a rule, it takes the form of a travel grant.
Deadline for submitting:
at least six weeks before the planned start of the project

Internship Program - Leaders for Future © Copernicus Berlin

Internship Program - Leaders for Future

The goal of the program is to attract international qualified specialists to the German labor market as well as to strengthen the professional and personal skills of the program participants. Partial and full scholarships are available.
Students and professionals, civil servants and employees, all are welcome to apply for the LEADERS for FUTURE program.
Deadline for submitting:
1- Summer internship program LEADERS for FUTURE: the application period is approximately 9 months.
2- Ongoing internship program LEADERS for FUTURE: the application period is approx. 3 months.