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Menschen sitzen in einer Reihe und nehmen an einer Kunstperformance teil© Alia Haju

Cultural Production Fund
Laboratory of Arts

Syrian artists need support, especially those living in exile where there is little financial support available for them to pursue their creative work. Therefore the Goethe-Institut Libanon is cooperating with the Syrian organisation Ettijahat – Independent Culture and providing cultural grants to artists from Syria. The support programme enables artists to be creatively active and to bring new ideas to life.

Video on the 3rd Edition | Laboratory of Arts 2016


The New Projects | 2021 © Ettijahat Independent Culture As part of the 8th edition of the Laboratory of the Arts programme, 20 projects from five artistic and literary disciplines will be funded from September 2021 to the end of 2022.  From performing arts (music, theatre, performance) to visual arts, film and animation, this edition also supports the publication of four literary projects from the field of creative writing in collaboration with the Mamdouh Adwan publishing house.

Cinema & Animation: Amal Mohamad Shehab | Qusay Baz | Raed Zeno | Samer Salameh Abu Qatmeh

Visual Arts: Alaa Hmedy | Fadi Alassaf | Rita Adib | Yassen Shikh Alsagha

Creative Writing: Emad Mufarah Mustafa | Fatima Alhaji | Rawaa Ahmed Sunbol | Yeser Berro

Performing Arts: Kifah Mahmoud Zaini | Lara Waled Eilo | Muhammad Bitar | Rimi Sarmini

Music: Amer Adel Ali | Basma Jabr | Maria Hasan | Rami Aljoundi

The New Projects | 2020

General Poster © Ettijahat Independent Culture Under the 7th edition of the Laboratory of Arts programme, 16 projects in five artistic and literary categories will be supported from September 2020 to the end of 2021.  These artistic categories comprise four artistic performances, including theatre, dance and music theatre, two music albums, three films and three visual projects. This edition will also support the publication of four literary projects in cooperation with Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House.
Six art projects will be carried out in Syria and two neighbouring countries (Lebanon and Turkey), while the other six will be carried out by artists based in Europe (Germany, France and Austria).
Cinema and Animation: Giath Al-Mhitawi | Madonna Adib | Souha Hassan

Visual Arts:Huda Takriti | Nagham Hodaifa |Nawar Alhusari

Creative Writing: Ahmad Katlish | Baraa Altrn |Qosai Amami

Theater and Performance Arts: Mraya Theater Project | Rafat Zahr Eddin |Hassan Akoul equally with Nader Abd Alhay

Music: Gardenia Choir | Karam El-Achkar | Mais Harb

The new projects | 2019

In total,17 projects in five artistic and literary categories are supported under the 6th edition of the Laboratory of Arts program which will be implemented from mid-September 2019 to the end of August 2020. Among the projects are three theatrical performances, three musical albums, three documentaries, and three visual projects ranging from photography, visual shows, and art installations.

LOA 2018 Photo (detail): Alia Haju © Goethe-Institut Lebanon Cinema & Animation: Reham Kassar | Until,Warsheh Group | Birth in a Coffin, Yanal Mansour | Captain Maher

Theater, Dance & Performance Art: Hoor Malas | Resonator, Sara Eltaweel | Nowhere, Alaa Addin Alem | Sinking,Fares Alzahaby | Rebellious Plays

Visual Art:Rahaf Demashqi | Golden Paths, Omar Malas | Raven Eye, Hiba Alansari | Dragée

Music: Basilius Alawad | Beyond Memories, Ronahi Almamo | Mulia Al-Banat, Mevan Younes | Ether

Creative Writing: Ayham Alsahli | Scenarios of Tony's Story, Joan Teter | Turn Back to the Flag, Feras Almassarani | Unfamiliar Passage, Alaa Rashidi | The Mirror's Seductions between Music and Tales


The Laboratory of Arts programme provides yearly grants in five categories:

Kinosaal © Alia Haju

Cinema & Animation

Since 2014 fourteen projects in the category of cinema and animation were supported. Filmmakers tackle current issues in different ways...

Schauspieler auf einer Bühne im Freien © Alia Haju

Theatre, Dance &
Performance Art

The Laboratory of Arts programme has supported fourteen plays and theatrical performances since 2014. In these productions, actors and directors often touch on the idea of borders...

Künstler bei der Arbeit © Amr Kokash

Visual Arts

The twelve supported projects in this category use different materials and techniques to to try and answer questions dealing with current issues...

Sängerin und zwei Bandmitglieder © Ettijahat - Independent Culture


The first music project was supported in 2015. Since then, twelve very different musical productions were created. Some musicians attempted to rediscover the sound of traditional instruments, such as the Bouzouki, or ...

Eine Frau arbeitet am Computer © Amr Kokash

Creative Writing

Since 2015, thirteen projects were supported in this category. The works varied from an online platform dealing with Arabic culture, to an artistic cookbook...

Chronology of the cultural production fund

The Laboratory of Arts programme was launched in 2014. Since then, artists from Syria have been encouraged to apply for our yearly grants, which, thus far, have made it possible for 65 art projects to come to life.

The programme is aimed at artists and existing initiatives in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey, as well as countries of refuge and exile in Europe. Following the Syrian migration to Europe, the grant programme was expanded from the Middle East to Europe, where most of the Syrian artists now live. They will exhibit the results at art platforms in several major European cities at the end of the grant period.

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