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Pia Hellenthal © Pia Hellenthal

Backstory – The Film Residency
Pia Hellenthal


Pia Hellenthal is a Cologne & Berlin based filmmaker working in fiction and documentary.

Project Info:

2013 Hellenthal graduated from Academy of Media Arts Cologne with a Diploma in Media and Fine Art. Her films screened at international festivals like Karlovy Vary, Solothurn and Oberhausen and received prizes like the Prix H. R. Giger Narcisse for best swiss short. Next to her own films, Hellenthal has been working for publications like VICE, where her work got nominated for the Lovie Awards and licensed to international TV Stations.


The choice of Pia Hellenthal’s project is essentially due to the fact that the director has been working on it for quite some time and is passionate about it. There are those who are marginalized at so many levels and the director finds an abrupt way of “confronting” them, without the usual explanatory psychology. These people are presented as is, without seeking to explain nor to justify who they are. The fact that the director wishes to draw her inspiration from Lebanon and pursue her research there certainly makes this work all the more interesting.