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DLL 1-17

Deutsch Lehren Lernen®

  • Advanced teacher training and professional development course offered by the Goethe-Institut
  • Qualifications for teachers of German as a Foreign Language and German as a Second Language
  • Establishment and development of teaching competence
  • Observation of your own lessons and other teachers (with videos)
  • Reflection and optimisation of teaching methods

Virtual DLL Conference

At the end of September 2020 the professional development programme Deutsch Lehren Lernen® (DLL) celebrated its tenth anniversary, and the Goethe-Institut hosted a virtual anniversary conference in cooperation with the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. Click here for the full details of the conference and its outcomes:

Conference Homepage


Das DLL-Programm ist mit dem „Studienpreis DistancE-Learning“ in der Kategorie „Studienangebot des Jahres 2020“ ausgezeichnet. Das DLL-Programm ist mit dem „Studienpreis DistancE-Learning“ in der Kategorie „Studienangebot des Jahres 2020“ ausgezeichnet.

DLL’s solid foundations


Learn more about the approach to continuing education, the Practical Exploration Projects (PEPs), and the methodological and didactic foundations on which DLL is based.

Quality Standards

Deutsch Lehren Lernen® was developed by leading researchers. Learn more about our underlying quality standards.  

© Goethe-Institut; DLL


  • 13 units (German as a foreign language: DLL 1 - 10; German as a second language: DLL 15 - 17)
  • your own learning materials (both physical and digital copies)
  • video clips from actual German classrooms
  • interactive assignments on Goethe-Institut’s online learning platform
  • includes a glossary of terms, an answer bank, and further references to outside resources 
  • Take a look at our practice chapter and DLL 1 trial course

More information on the specific content of individual units can be found here:

DLL Continuing education opportunities

  • practical and designed for working professionals
  • online group courses with multicultural exchange
  • accredited certificate of participation and completion
DLL-Fortbildungsangebote Goethe-Institut

Continuing Education Online:

Our online continuing education and professional development opportunities are based on DLL and offer accredited participation or university certificates.

Continuing Education worldwide:

Many Goethe-Instituts throughout the world offer DLL trainings and seminars. Familiarize yourself with the options available.

College Credit with DLL


In your own country:
  • DLL cooperation between universities and the Goethe-Institut for introductory and advanced training in GFL at university level
  • there are cooperative arrangements with more than 70 universities worldwide
  • bilateral or trilateral agreements (foreign university / Goethe-Institut or foreign university / Goethe-Institut / Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

Contact us directly or your local Goethe-Institut. We’re happy to advise you.




The online continuing education programs DLL PREMIUM and DLL MODULAR are offered in partnership with the University of Jena, which organizes complementary in-person seminars. Learn more.

Ernst Klett Sprachen

More information on the content of individual units can be found on Ernst Klett Sprachen website.