Are you looking for a fun way to improve your language skills? Look no further than our reading club! Join us for a great time together with friends, where we will explore a variety of easy reader books and expand our vocabulary.

“READING CLUB” Program © Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Reading is not only a great way to escape into new worlds and explore different perspectives, but it’s also an effective way to improve your language skills. By reading and discussing books with others, you can learn new words and phrases, improve your comprehension, and even gain confidence in speaking.

Our reading club is led by an experienced teacher from Goethe-Institut Myanmar and provides the perfect opportunity to do all of this in a fun and supportive environment. You will have the chance to meet new people, share your thoughts, and have a great time while doing it.

This time the reading club, which everyone is enthusiastically participating in, will meet twice for our readings. On the first day of the program, we will take turns reading a book, followed by exchanging our thoughts and opinions on how we understood the stories. This will happen in both Burmese and German. On the second day, we will continue to read and discuss parts from the book we have enjoyed reading during the last two weeks.

Due to the limited number of seats, if you want to register, please enroll via 01 9376160 (ext.301/302) during the library’s opening hours or via email:

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