Program of Care

Program of care ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar / TheeOoThazin

The program was initiated by the Goethe-Institut Myanmar in 2022, in close cooperation with its partners. The idea of the Program of Care was formed during a series of conversations with partners and experts from the artistic, cultural, and psychological fields where pressing topics and anticipations in need of support were voiced, listened to, and formulated. Program of Care is the response and a reflection of these conversations. Their process-oriented outcome resulted in identifying the importance and necessity of care, to care for each other and for oneself in times of great difficulties and uncertainties. The project is a cross-departmental, intergenerational, and capacity-building initiative that aims at responding to and directly working with civil society. Through a safe environment of reflection, the possibilities to tackle and reflect upon a multiplicity of challenges and difficulties, this initiative opens for new encounters: In small-group settings, participants could meet and address different issues from their day-to-day lives through expressive art practice techniques that impact not only individually but also collectively.

The workshops were led by experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, artists, and art and music therapists who gave diverse groups of attendees hands-on guidance and psychosocial support to reflect and help express, reduce, and release stress, fatigue and tension. By learning a range of skills and methods, the participants could utilize newly acquired knowledge, connections, and experiences. This was done to regain, restore and improve self-care, self-empowerment, courage, emotional strength, confidence, and resilience. Additionally, it passed these practices on to the attendees’ respective communities. As a result, expanding the benefits of Program of Care further.

Due to high demand, great interest, positive responses, and evaluations from both partners and participants, the Goethe-Institut Myanmar and its partners decided to launch Program of Care 2.0 in 2023, building upon the created platform of exchange and include more fields that can tackle trauma (or traumatic events/experiences/situations), e.g., by means of the using photography. 

Clicking following links provide a very short summary of each workshop and the partner’s quotes.

-      Art & Healing Orientation Session
-      Art & Healing Certificate Workshop 
-      Expressive Musical Relaxation 
-      Live with art: Reflect yourself through art for women  
-      Mindfulness and Expressive Art for Children & Youth