Concert Pierrot Lumière: A Multimedia Sound Performance

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Thu, 14.02.2019

Damansara Performing Arts Center (DPAC) Blackbox

Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8
Damansara Perdana
47820 PJ

Listening Differently

The MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik is coming to Kuala Lumpur this February for a multimedia sound performance in collaboration with Warped Type (Visuals), entitled "Pierrot Lumière" at DPAC. Invited by the Goethe-Institut, their premiere Southeast Asia tour will take them to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar.

MAM KL poster MAM KL poster

Goethe-Institut presents MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik within the series Anders Hören / Listening differently that highlights and explores contemporary ways to present and promote classical music.

MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik was founded by International Ensemble Modern Academy scholarship holders in 2010, in response to a common passion for new forms of expression and performance in the music of today. The musicians see themselves as a liberal and internationally positioned collective, one that extends the idea of an ensemble through interdisciplinary engagement, bringing to life new sounds and sound concepts.
MAM works with composers such as Mark Andre, Georges Aperghis, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Robin Hoffmann, Neele Hülcker, Jagoda Szmytka and Simon Steen-Andersen, and maintains a performance schedule at festivals such as Eclat in Stuttgart, the Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music, AchtBrücken Festival and New Talents Biennale in Cologne, Mixtur Festival in Barcelona, Klangwerkstatt Berlin, pgnm Festival Bremen, klub katarakt festival Hamburg, Schönes Wochenende at Tonhalle Düsseldorf and ZKM Karlsruhe.
In 2012 the MAM musicians recorded Mauricio Kagel’s Exotica for DVD (Ensemble Modern Media) and in 2015, a CD of new works by Ying Wang for Wergo.
In addition to the cultivation of contemporary repertoire, the musicians are committed to the upkeep and extension of alternative and/or experimental playing techniques at the nexus of performance, improvisation and the interpretation of composed music. MAM is a place of experimentation, boundary crossing and improbable confluences.

Gregor Schulenburg – Flutes
Richard Haynes – Clarinettes
Alexander Hadjiev - Bassoon
Paul Hübner – Trumpet
Johannes Haase – Violin / Viola
Bernhard Rath – Violoncello
Daniel Lorenzo – Piano
Julia Spies – Soprano
Susanne Blumenthal – Artistic Director
Andreas Huck – Video
MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik
Press Review
“Well on its way to the top is 'MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik', founded by musicians of the International Ensemble Modern Academy of 2010”. The group brings together first class musicians packing large doses of individual charm, among them Paul Hübner who could be last heard excelling in the part of Michael in Stockhausen’s “Donnerstag”. The Cologne-based conductor Susanne Blumenthal connects this individual members of this excellent instrumental ensemble, a collective that is precise in execution and that in every way astounds through their joy of performing, intensity, precision and programming: varied, surprising, wild, engaging.”
Neue Musik Zeitung, 02/2017

WARPED TYPE is a group of graphic moving imagemakers based in Düsseldorf, Germany. With a background deeply rooted in both electronic and classical music, they seek to translate their ongoing love affair with pounding rhythms and fragile melodic arcs into beautifully crafted, haunting visual imagery.
WARPED TYPE’s work includes music videos, live visuals, stage design as well as interactive art and installations. Their members are Andreas Huck, Roland Nebe, Florian Breuer, Stefan Hings. 

With their take on Arnold Schönberg’s masterpiece “Pierrot Lunaire” – among the most celebrated and frequently performed works by the famous 20th century composer – Germany’s MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik create a captivating multimedia performance that combines an excellent musical interpretation with an immersive video installation. Their “Pierrot Lumière” draws on the classical figure and stories of the Pierrot – a cycle of poems for narrator and an instrumental ensemble that premiered in Berlin in 1912.
More than a hundred years later, the question who this Pierrot Lunaire, central figure of the work, actually was still lingers: A romantic, a lunatic? A man, a woman? A real person or just a projection? The German ensemble’s contemporary version of the Pierrot focuses on the ambivalence of the figure – in their rich stage performance the musicians follow the Pierrot through a network of different virtual spaces created by the video installation: uninhabited nature and urbanity, transit zones, open spaces and narrow alleys let the sceneries of the original story come to life.
Inspired by the radical new musical language Schönberg’s compositions unfolded in the beginning of the 20th century, MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik infuse their classical performance with electronic elements, building bridges to contemporary sounds and music styles.

Pierrot Lumiere FRA lab 2010 Pierrot Lumiere FRA lab 2010
A radically contemporary interpretation of a 20th century masterpiece.
MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik is supported by the Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Damansara Performing Arts Center and the Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers.