New Music, New Zealand
Exploring electronic and experimental music in New Zealand

New Zealand as seen from the International Space Station in 2014 © NASA

Aotearoa-New Zealand. Diverse in culture, landscape and climate. Isolated in the South Pacific Ocean but dialled into the rest of the world in the digital age. Such are the conditions for “Kiwis” making music in and beyond this island nation in the 21st century. This thematic dossier explores the newest electronic and experimental music of Aotearoa-New Zealand, and the history and traditions that underpin it.

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Sound Travels

Audible Experiments

Podcasts: Past and Future Music

Podcast: Taonga Pūoru

Tradition and Experimentalism in Aotearoa-New Zealand

Rob Thorne, composer-performer and scholar, introduces the many voices of Taonga Pūoro – traditional Māori instruments.

Podcast: Tāhiko Pūoru

Electronic music in Aotearoa-New Zealand

An exploration of tāhiko pūoru, or electronic music, in Aotearoa-New Zealand. The podcast begins with the origins of the genre in New Zealand, moving through to the most contemporary approaches to tāhiko pūoru in Aotearoa.