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Part 7

Part Seven encourages students to become active with a range of possibilities for personal projects or action research.

climat strike in Wellington©Dave Lowe

Photo gallergy

  • Dave Lowe with his bike ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe bike tour ©Dave Lowe
  • Bus in Wellington ©Dave Lowe
  • Elektroauto ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe's Home ©Dave Lowe
  • vegetable garden ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe works on his book ©Dave Lowe
  • The Alarmist ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe at a meeting ©Dave Lowe
  • Climate strike in Wellington ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe speaks in front of the parlament ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe und renewable energy system ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe and solar system ©Dave Lowe
  • House Dave Lowe ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe explains his work ©Dave Lowe