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Part 1
Dave Lowe as climate change ambassador

Part One is an introduction to this climate change ambassador. Students get an overview of six aspects of Dave, which are discussed in more detail in the following parts.

Dave Lowe mit Reagenzglas©Dave Lowe

Teaching material

Dave Lowe ©Dave Lowe

Introduction video

©Rod Prosser

Interview with Dave Lowe

©Rod Prosser
©Rod Prosser
©Rod Prosser

Photo gallery

  • Dave Lowe as a child ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe with guitare ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe Schwarz-weiß Foto ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe Phd ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe nobel prize ©Dave Lowe
  • Dave Lowe surfing ©Dave Lowe