Film Elaha

Elaha Film © Christopher Behrmann

Sun, 26.11.2023

4:00 PM

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Len Lye Cinema


We invite you to come to our film screening of 'Elaha'. The film is part of the KinoFest 2023.

Director: Milena Aboyan
2023, 110 minutes 

A naked young woman stands in front of a running washing machine. 22-year-old Elaha obsessively tries to regain a perceived innocence she lost through sex. A plastic surgeon is supposed to restore her so-called virginity, but she can't afford the expensive procedure. In search of an alternative, she comes across a special product - a capsule with artificial blood. However, this apparent solution compels her into self-exploitation. After enduring some serious setbacks, Elaha chooses her self-determined sexuality as a woman.