Film The Ordinaries

The Ordinaries Picture © Bandenfilm

Sun, 19.11.2023

7:00 PM

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Len Lye Cinema

Satire, Science-Fiction

We invite you to come to our film screening of 'The Ordinaries'. The film is part of the KinoFest 2023.

Director: Sophie Linnenbaum
2022, 124 minutes 

Sophie Linnenbaum portrays a hierarchically structured three-class society slowly moving towards a revolt in this science fiction film. The story is told through a 16-year-old student who, from her privileged milieu, finds herself in the slums and surprisingly makes friends there. It's essentially a simple narrative, but it is dissolved in a highly extravagant stylistic manner. Entertainment cinema and conceptual art are intertwined as the story unfolds in a surreal world where all characters have, had, or aspire to have jobs in the film industry. On the other hand, reality is not far away, as the plot does touch upon issues of xenophobia, exclusion, and capitalism.