Film We might as well be dead

We might as well be dead Picture © Heartwake Films

Sat, 18.11.2023

7:00 PM

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Len Lye Cinema

Satirical comedy-drama

We invite you to come to our film screening of 'We might as well be dead'. The film is part of the KinoFest 2023.

Director: Natalia Sinelnikova
2022, 93 minutes 

Anna is a security officer, living with her daughter Iris in a luxurious high-rise on the edge of the forest. Living here, shielded from the threatening environment, is the goal of many people. However, when the caretaker's dog disappears, fear creeps into the building beneath the threshold. Iris is convinced that her evil eye is responsible for the disappearance of the four-legged companion, leading her to lock herself in the bathroom. In a desperate attempt to prove Iris's innocence, Anna embarks on a frantic search for the dog. Meanwhile, the neighbors find the mother's behavior highly suspicious, as they believe the dog met a violent end. A voluntary citizens' militia forms, seemingly immune to any form of reason. Pressure mounts as Anna becomes the target of her neighbors, and her situation becomes increasingly dire...