Film A Heavy Heart

A Heavy Heart, film still: two men in a boxing ring, one of them is heavily tattooed © Departures Film

Fri, 06.10.2017

New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Len Lye Centre
42 Queen St
New Plymouth

Germany 2015 (Drama)

Awards (selection): German Film Award 2016 (Best Feature - Silver, Best Actor, Best Makeup)
Festivals (selection): Toronto 2015, Palm Spring 2016, Shanghai 2016, Cairo 2016
Director: Thomas Stuber
Screenplay: Thomas Stuber, Clemens Meyer, based on an idea from Paul Salisbury
Cinematography: Peter Matjasko
Editor: Philipp Thomas
Music: Bert Wrede
With: Peter Kurth, Lina Wendel, Lena Lauzemis, Edin Hasanovic, Reiner Schöne, Udo Kroschwald
Producers: Undine Filter, Thomas Král, Anatol Nitschke
Duration: 109 mins
Language: German with English subtitles
Rating: M - violence, offensive language & sex scenes
At some point, Herbert Stamm’s life went off the rails. For a long time now, this gigantic man, formerly a successful boxer known as "The Pride of Leipzig", has been earning his keep as a bouncer and an uncompromising debt collector. His upper body is covered with tattoos, the largest one a reference to the GDR’s once notorious Torgau Prison. On the side, Herbert is preparing talented, up and coming boxer Eddy for his first title fight.
Herbert’s daughter Sandra hasn’t seen him for years, and, like a cautious boxer, he keeps his girlfriend Marlene at arm’s length too. Together with his friend, tattoo artist "Specht", he dreams of a big motorcycle trip along America’s legendary "Route 66". But signs of a serious illness are becoming more severe, until Herbert can no longer ignore them. He receives a devastating diagnosis: he’s suffering from ALS, an incurable disorder of the motor nervous system that is advancing relentlessly. Herbert tries to put the ruins of his life in order.

Text: Goethe-Institut