Happy Lamento

Kinofest 2023

Happy Lamento © Kairos Film & Rapid Eye Movies

Kinofest Spezial: Experimentalfilme aus Deutschland und den Philippinen

Der Essayfilm zeigt in einer Art Gedankenstrom die unterschiedlichsten Dinge und Konzepte, sowohl abstrakt als auch konkret, im typischen Stil von Alexander Kluge. Er zeigt Elefanten bei der Evakuierung eines russischen Zirkus im Jahr 1941, elektrisches Licht, Trump auf dem G20-Gipfel und brutale Straßenkämpfe zwischen Kinderbanden in den nördlichen Slums von Manila.
© Kairos Film & Rapid Eye Movies

Philippinen, Deutschland | 2018
Regisseur: Khavn & Alexander Kluge
Genre: Zirkus, Kakophonie
Deutsch, Englisch und Filipino mit englischen Untertitel
Laufzeit: 90 Minuten
Altersfreigabe: R16

Montréal Festival of New Cinema 2019: Nominierung, Prix de l'expérimentation

Venice International Film Festival

"Happy Lamento" is my first cinematic collaboration with Alexander Kluge, three-time Golden Lion winner and recipient of the George Büchner Prize, German’s highest literary award. This project delves into contrasting themes such as electricity, revolution, early cinema, and the gritty streets of dystopic Manila. Through a blend of absurd and sarcastic blend of bizarre TV clips, snapshots of Merkel and Trump at the G20 summit, we construct a thought-provoking tapestry. Get ready to be surprised! Expect the unexpected!

Breaking free from conventional narrative, the film bear-hugs a collage of ideas, themes, and visuals, sucking viewers into an engaging dialogue. It's a journey where we happily lament various conditions, from the mundane to the profound.

While the film's unconventional structure challenges your senses, it uncovers explorations of our complex world, from blue moon musings to the circus symbolizing chaos. "Happy Lamento" encourages active participation in its associative narrative, offering a demanding yet rewarding experience, an opportunity to contemplate and celebrate our complaints about the world.

Ultimately, this film stands as a testament to cinema's enduring spirit of experimentation, celebrating unexpected connections forged when two galaxies collide.

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