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Orphea © Kairos Film & Rapid Eye Movies

Kinofest Spezial: Experimentalfilme aus Deutschland und den Philippinen

Der Mythos von Orpheus ist bekannt: Er kehrt aus der Unterwelt ins Leben zurück und beklagt den Verlust seiner Liebe mit seiner Musik. Alexander Kluge und Khavn, ein Ausnahme-Duo mit explosiver Kraft, nehmen diesen Mythos als Grundlage für eine echte Revolution. Orpheus' Reise ins Totenreich, um Eurydike zu retten, ist seit Jahrtausenden gescheitert und endet tödlich.
© Kairos Film & Rapid Eye Movies


Philippinen, Deutschland | 2020
Regisseur: Khavn & Alexander Kluge
Genre: Mythos, Wahn
Deutsch, Filipino, Englisch und Russisch mit englischen Untertitel
Laufzeit: 99 Minuten
Altersfreigabe: R16

Berlinale 2020: Nominierung, Encounters Award
Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2020: Nominierung, Bester Film

ORPHEA (2020)

Welcome to "Orphea," a cinematic journey of epic proportions and radical transformation. In this second collaborative creation between me and the German Gandalf Alexander Kluge, we dive headfirst into a realm where the lines between myth, music, and modernity blur and converge.

In "Orphea," we re-imagine the timeless tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, but with a twist that turns gender roles on their heads. Orphea, our protagonist, is no longer a man mourning the loss of his beloved, but a fearless and resolute woman on a quest to bring her lover, Euridiko, back from the underworld.

The narrative unfolds through a series of stylized vignettes, evoking the spirit of Brechtian operetta and the fluidity of video art. This is no conventional retelling; it's a rebellious, avant-garde exploration.

But "Orphea" is more than just a reinterpretation of an ancient myth. It's a reflection on contemporary issues like immigration and xenophobia, set against the backdrop of modern society's obsession with immortality. As Orphea's journey unfolds, it takes us from the slums of Manila to the heart of Silicon Valley, where the quest for life beyond death is no longer a myth but a scientific pursuit.

Music pulses through the film, and it's not just a soundtrack but a driving force. Rock songs, reminiscent of Orpheus and his lyre, accompany us on this odyssey. Yet, it's not just music; it's a powerful tool that shapes destinies and challenges fate.

"Orphea" is an invitation to journey through history, philosophy, and the human condition. It's a bold departure from the ordinary, a culture crash of ideas that will defy your expectations. So, prepare to have your eyes widen, your senses heightened, and your mind expanded as we venture into the extraordinary world of "Orphea."

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