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Daniela Calumba

 Daniela Calumba
Maker: Daniela Calumba
Foundation Year: 2017
Products: Sustainably-made toiletry items and jewelry

Daniela Calumba is an environmentalist entrepreneur offering handmade self-care products such as shampoo bars, facial serums, bamboo toothbrushes, deodorants, etc. Her eponymous line is big on ethical practices and she makes sure that all her products' ingredients -- from seed to bottle -- are slow-farmed and harvested sustainably. 

Aside from toiletries, Daniela Calumba also designs and produces jewelry products. Her brand stands for the mindful use of reclaimed materials and all her products are handmade. 

On-line presence
Daniela Calumba on Instagram
Daniela Calumba jewelry on Denuo

Articles, interviews, etc.
This Pinay Shares How You Can Create Your Own Zero-Waste Beauty Routine, Cosmopolitan PH (2019)