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 Kultura Caved (K'ved)
Maker: Jaq Lopez
Foundation Year: 2015
Product(s): Naturally dyed and hand printed clothing 

Kultura Caved (or "K'ved") is a cultural movement that aims to raise awareness about the often overlooked indigenous cultures in the Philippines. K'ved sells T-shirts printed with motifs and designs inspired by local indigenous art or customs. The prints and artworks are created by the movement's founder, Jaq Lopez, by hand. He uses sustainably farmed natural dyes for the colors. 

K'ved makes sure local underpriveleged communities benefit from business. Through the sales of different clothing collections, he's helped fund a feeding program, a street art workshop, and the construction of a water refilling station. 

Frustrated that the educational system in the Philippines doesn't tell enough about the local indigenous communities, Jaq Lopez started travelling the archipelago and visiting communities in far flung provinces, learning about their values and traditions. His first T-shirt collection, entitled "Possessed Palay" was inspired by a trip to the Banaue rice terreces and aims to raise awareness about and respect for Ifugao culture. One of his later collections called "Pinoy Poseidon" was made to bring attention to the increasing plastic pollution in the popular surfing island, Siargao.

On-line presence
Kultura Caved on Facebook
Kultura Caved on Instagram
Kultura Caved introductory video

Articles, interviews, etc.
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