Superwomen: A podcast

Listen to the stories of Aya Jaff, the “wunderkind” of Germany's tech-scene, Ninia LaGrande, a physically small woman with a big sensibility, or Clärenore Stinnes, the first woman to drive around the world with a car! We introduce six figures everyone should have heard of!

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Inspiring Personalities

Exercises for German Class

Superfrauen © Goethe-Institut The podcast “Superfrauen” tells the life-stories of inspiring women from sports, science, technology and culture. This series was produced by our friends of the Goethe-Institut in Australia. Teachers will find learning materials and exercises for German class on the website of the Goethe-Institut in Australia.

More about equality ...

Gender Equity
What does it take to be a male feminist?

Prof. Austin Bukenya talks about how he came to describe himself as a feminist and about the challenges and chances of male feminists. He explains why it is important for men to internalize gender awareness, instead of just opportunistically faking it and how they should consistently practice it as a way of life.

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