We promote cultural exchange between Germany and Pakistan. We initiate film series, exhibitions, concerts, seminars and festivals which involve bilateral artistic production, reception and reflection.

Timezones: Karachi

Podcast Episode

The TIMEZONES podcast series plunges into the world of artists and their practices, asking: What does living and working in culture and the arts involve in different countries, cities and contexts today? The artist Ali Gul Pir presents Pakistan's metropolis Karachi.

Episode 19 – Karachi Artwork: © Šejma Fere


From June, 14th until July, 14th, Germany will host the UEFA's EURO 2024, the European Cup in Men's Football. We take a closer look at the importance of football in Germany, historically, culturally, and of course, in terms of sports. Immerse yourself in “Fußball-Fever”. Also in our EURO-Special: Kick off for your German skills with free learning materials, exercises and an online learning community!

Times are changing in football, too: for away matches, the German national squad will be playing in pink during this tournament. Foto (detail): © picture alliance/Laci Perenyi/Jerry Andre

Meet our superwomen!

Listen to the stories of Aya Jaff, the “wunderkind” of Germany's tech-scene, Ninia LaGrande, a physically small woman with a big sensibility, or Clärenore Stinnes, the first woman to drive around the world with a car! We introduce six figures everyone should have heard of!

An illustration of women © Freepik

Labour in a single shot

The Goethe-Institut Pakistan offers filmmakers and video artists participation in a workshop with instructors Antje Ehmann & Till Passow. The application deadline has now passed. Successful applicants will be informed.

People sitting next to a street, holding up placards, seeking work © Amy von Houten, Electricians, Johannesburg 2014


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