Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Take Action Chapel Hill- Maya Little, Gina Balamucki, and Annie Simpson

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Take Action Chapel Hill is a grassroots activist coalition based in Chapel Hill, NC. Formed in August 2018 to support anti-racist activists facing charges related to protests against white supremacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, they created the "Anti-Racist Activist Fund" which provides support for current and future defendants in the struggle against white supremacy in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.

Their organizing efforts led to the takedown of the contentious confederate monument Silent Sam and ongoing efforts to challenge narratives of campus history related to Civil War and racial justice. Though they formed in response to the toppling of a particular monument, they hope to build an infrastructure not just for supporting ongoing organizing against Silent Sam but also for organizing against all forms of oppression in their community and around the world.
Gina Balamucki is a UNC alumna and student at the UNC School of Law. She is a visual artist, musician, author, graphic designer, and organizer.
Maya Little is a student activist and historian currently pursuing a doctorate in history at UNC, focusing on Chinese history. Their work has been featured on Democracy Now and other major news outlets. 
Annie Simpson is an alumna of UNC Chapel Hill and an artist, who has worked on various guerilla art projects which sought to reclaim the landscape of the campus at UNC Chapel Hill.
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