The locations: Montreal

TECHNO WORLDS: a Goethe-Institut exhibition co-presented in Montreal at the PHI Centre, the Society for Arts and Technology, and the Goethe-Institut.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the PHI Centre, the 25th anniversary of the SAT, and the 60th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut, these three leading Montreal institutions are hosting the North American premiere of a multidisciplinary exhibition.


TECHNO WORLDS is an interdisciplinary exhibition at the intersection of music, art, pop, media, and technology. The title refers to the multifaceted techno scene, genres, and political projects that emerged from the subcultures of the 1980s to the present day, and traces the processes of cultural and economic appropriation. 

The exhibition will have its North American premiere in a reduced form in Montreal from May 13th to June 19th at the PHI Centre, the SAT, and the Goethe-Institut. 

The exhibition — composed of various media such as artworks, photos, films, sculptures, and sound installations — will be proposed in the form of a circuit. The public is invited to visit the three institutions.


Presenting this exhibition is a great occasion for our three institutions to join forces and celebrate what Montreal has to offer on the art scene and establish our city as a cultural capital. This exhibition will be an opportunity to wander through our venues as well as the different neighborhoods of Montreal. 

Our three institutions are recognized both here and internationally for our commitment to promoting art and world cultures. The Goethe-Institut has been promoting the German language and contemporary culture for 60 years by maintaining strong international cultural cooperation. The SAT is a true cultural hub dedicated to digital culture and has been promoting collective learning for 25 years, recognized internationally. SAT is a place that holds the promise of exploring technology to infuse it with more meaning, magic, and humanity.

Finally, the PHI Centre is a multidisciplinary institution where contemporary art and new technologies have met for ten years. Internationally recognized for its immersive exhibitions and its agility in technological prowess, the PHI Centre is a place in constant evolution.


A techno night with Lena Willikens
PHI, SAT, and the Goethe-Institut will celebrate techno culture with German DJ and producer Lena Willikens accompanied by Kris Guilty and Gene Tellem on May 27th from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the SAT.


A film screening followed by a panel discussion
A panel discussion will take place following the screening of the documentary film If I Think of Germany at Night (The evolution of electronic dance music in Germany). Dennis Kastrup, moderator of the event, will bridge the gap between Berlin and Montreal and start a discussion about the beginnings of techno culture in Montreal. The event will take place on June 7th at the PHI Centre.

Special thanks to the SDC du Vieux-Montréal for their support.


Goethe-Institut Montreal
The Goethe-Institut Montreal is celebrating its 60th anniversary!

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany active worldwide. With 157 institutes in 98 countries, it promotes knowledge of the German language abroad, maintains international cultural collaborations, and conveys an image of contemporary Germany. With its network of institutes, cultural societies, reading rooms, and examination centers, the Goethe-Instituts around the world are the first contact with Germany for many people.

The Society for Arts and Technology
The SAT stands for 25 years of creativity, 25 years of imagination, 25 years of innovation. Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to digital culture that combines within its walls the activities of an artist-run center, a research laboratory, an exhibition space, and a training center. SAT is internationally recognized for its active and pioneering role in the development of technologies for immersive creation, virtual reality, and telepresence. A meeting place for knowledge, curiosity, and multiple talents, the SAT is a collective learning space that holds the promise of exploring technology to infuse it with more meaning, magic, and humanity.

The PHI Center
Founded in 2012 by Phoebe Greenberg and celebrating its tenth anniversary, the PHI Center is dedicated to innovation at the frontiers of creative production and fosters the design, development, production, and presentation of a wide variety of disciplines and forms, with an emphasis on digital technologies and new media. Its programs and architecture are designed to be agile, adaptable, and highly productive.

At the intersection of art, film, music, design, and technology, the PHI Center works to expand the venues for creative production and consumption of art by offering unique, unclassifiable, engaging, and ever-changing programming. The Center's original and eclectic artistic creations, both from PHI and from the international scene, include musical performances, screenings, interactive exhibitions, guest artist installations, lectures, and workshops.