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HAN Vorführung KIEU 7360© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Performing Arts


HAN Antigone © Goethe-Institut Hanoi


Approaching a piece of world literature.
Sophocles’ ANTIGONE makes audiences from all cultures reflect about human nature and our place in society. In Vietnam, ANTIGONE is reminiscent of the GIRL KIEU ‒ and yet quite different.

Weiße Kugeln © Franca Bartholomaei

The girl Kieu

In appreciation of various translations and in reverence for the poet Nguyen Du, the Goethe-Institut focuses its attention on this literary work and raises the question of its contemporary interpretation and - closely related to it - the question of today’s role and image of women in Vietnam.

HAPPY@HOME ? © Goethe-Institut Hanoi


Short plays from a world transformed by a pandemic and digitalization.
A theatre project in collaboration with the Youth Theater Vietnam.

Interview with Goebbels © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

Summer camp with H. Goebbels

Heiner Goebbels spent two weeks in Hanoi to conduct a dance & music camp for Vietnamese artists. He had selected participants from a pool of applicants, emphasizing a balanced relationship between men and women as well as dancers and musicians, and assembling a promising mix of mutually inspiring and open-minded individuals.