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The Sustainability in Documentaries 7360© Goethe-Institut Hanoi

For documentary filmmakers
The Sustainability in Documentaries

About the Sustainability in Documentaries (SiD)

It is an annual initiative of Goethe-Institut Hanoi to foster collaboration between civil society organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam and documentary filmmakers to tell stories of sustainable development through documentary footage. The filmmakers are encouraged to give their best knowledge and skills and make use of the material given by the CSOs to motivate society for global sustainable goals. This also aims at having Vietnamese documentary filmmakers prepared to go international with their quality documentaries.

In 2023-2024, the Goethe-Institut collaborates with 03 partners: Green Viet in biodiversity conservation; GreenHub in waste management and Think Playgrounds in sustainable urban development.

This includes the following key elements based on the multidisciplinary approach:

  • Production of documentaries on the specific themes based on the working fields of the CSO partners who join the project every year.
  • Thematic workshops for filmmakers on creative ways of telling stories in documentaries and sustainable filmmaking where international experience can be involved to share and exchange useful insight.
  • Seminar(s) for journalists/ reporters writing about sustainable topics who are in the network of the partner CSOs.
  • A dialogue and an exhibition of behind-the-scene stories.






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