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For international and Vietnamese youth
-r-e-t-e-l-l-m-e-: Hanoi

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About the -r-e-t-e-l-l-m-e-: Hanoi

During the colonial period, metropolitan areas were thought to be the sites of the most intensive and visible cultural intrusion. Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City are most likely to be the places where Vietnamese daily life is highly influenced and at the same time influences aspects of society as well as individuals in a variety of ways. Including:

  • Urban architecture is the framework in which society manifests itself, reflecting beliefs, and lifestyles and having an impact on the living spaces and activities of each individual or group of residents.
  • Everyday life includes familiar and common daily objects, behaviors, or practices such as what we eat, what we wear, the space where we commute, etc.
  • Aesthetic conceptions are ideas about beauty, ways of thinking about people, architecture, art, and lifestyle.
How has Vietnamese contemporary culture perceived the colonial period? Has Vietnamese culture "changed" (in other words, "completely colonised"), or has it turned into a distinct status?

The focus of this project is on exploring, searching, and sharing about Vietnam’s history and culture. The goal is to create an environment for experience that helps provide young people, including international and Vietnamese volunteers, with knowledge and perspectives on Vietnam's social development process. It also aims at provoking questions about post-colonial topics, contributing to increasing awareness of the contemporary context.

The project is co-developed by the Goethe-Institut Hanoi, especially with the meaningful support of our colleagues from the language department and Vietnam Global Outreach (VGO).

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