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Co-Creation with Civic sector
CAB Relief

CAB Hoian© CAB Hoian

CAB Relief

CAB is being helped to solve CAB’s main problems caused by the pandemic. These are paying rental costs, repairing and maintaining the artist residences, hiring and funding an accountant, marketing staff and technicians for events, and finally adapting CAB's business model for a longer COVID period, including maximizing support for research and creativity. The support is also for independent artist projects, an artist residency, various online activities and projects that are less affected by physical lockdown. CAB uses the rare tranquility of the tourist magnet HoiAn during COVID, at a time when the economic hustle and bustle has slowed down, to arouse public interest in art and culture, to raise awareness and to show the public sector cultural potential. CAB wants to make its business model more robust with a view to sustainable income in order to be better equipped for the coming years. CAB wants to prove that art and culture are strong and can contribute a unique building block to repositioning the sustainable development of Hoi An.

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