Online-Seminar Future Engineer 2020 – Career Opportunities in Energy Efficiency post COVID

Karrieremöglichkeiten mit Energieeffizienz © Goethe-Institut Hanoi

28.10.2020, 2 pm. - 3:30 pm.


The online seminar focuses on supporting senior engineering students in gaining knowledge and experiences from top experts and businesses in order to take opportunities and respond better when joining in the labor market after the COVID pandemic.
The Online seminar is broadcast via an online platform, organized by Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network (EEN-Vietnam), an initiative of Vietnam Sustainability Social Enterprise (VSSE). The aim is to promote sustainable energy objectives through best practices in project development, communication, and capacity building in Vietnam. The Online seminar is funded by the International Relief Fund from the German Federal Foreign Office, Goethe-Institute and other partners:
Partners of the Online seminar are three engineering universities from three regions in Vietnam, including National University of Civil Engineering, University of Science and Technology (University of DaNang), Van Lang University along with GIZ Vietnam and Lixil Vietnam Corporation. The seminar also attracts attention from other students nationwide and various leading enterprises in Energy Efficiency in Vietnam.
Priority of ASEAN 2020 is promoting a highly skilled workforce that can develop and apply new technological advances, especially in key sectors of an industrial economy like engineering.
Although Vietnam is a fast growing economy, the energy intensity is 2.5 times higher than the world average. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for the Future Engineers - or next engineering student generation in particular - to contribute to promoting high efficiency, energy efficiency in sectors such as industrial, construction, transportation, etc.

COVID-19 has affected nearly 70% of employees in the construction industry and also many other sectors. Only a few workers with highly qualified knowledge and experiences can remain their stability and take their own advantages to develop.
So what are the trends of the labor workforce in Energy Efficiency? What do engineering students need to prepare? What are the real opportunities and challenges?
The first online-seminar for Future Engineers in 2020, is entirely free of charge. The topic “Future Engineer 2020 – Career Opportunities in Energy Efficiency post COVID” connects students and businesses and enhances labor quality of the engineering sector in Vietnam.
Participating in the Webinar, students have the opportunity to:
  • Update trends of jobs in energy efficiency sector
  • Connect with top experts and leading enterprises in engineering
  • Receive a digital certificate of participation after joining the whole event
  • Receive a special gift from the Organizing Committee at the end of the event