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Podcast @ Goethe - Podcasting-Ausrüstung und Aufnahmeraum.

Podcast @ Goethe

The Library-Gamebox-Hub at Goethe-Institut Johannesburg is offering podcasting equipment to be used on site as well as the recording space.  

Our equipment includes microphones, headphones, mixers, plus a soundproofed recording space to ensure quality recordings, and more!

Book your recording session today and start sharing your unique voice with the world. Please note that we reserve the right to provide the above-mentioned podcasting services pending a review of your podcast proposal. 

Send your podcast proposal to  vulane.mthembu@goethe.de.

Podcast @ Goethe-Institut .


For more information and questions please contact:
Vulane Mthembu

Project Coordinator Gamebox
Tel.: +27 11 442 3232
Email: Vulane.Mthembu@goethe.de