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Simple. Effective.
German online

Ein Student arbeitet konzentriert am Laptop und macht Notizen. Im Hintergrund sind Bücherregale zu sehen.
  • Accessible and flexible
  • Independent learning with the learning platform
  • Live sessions with a teacher
  • Group and individual courses

Reading, writing, listening, speaking – You decide how you want to learn in our online courses. You choose from a group or individual course and whether you would like to work autonomously or closely with a teacher. Our online courses are suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners.

German Online in a group

  • Study whenever it suits you
  • Live sessions with your group and teacher
  • Modern online learning platform
  • Support from your teacher

Blended Learning

  • 50% in a virtual classroom
  • 50% on the learning platform
  • learn interactively in a group

Deutsch Online Individual

  • you choose the pace
  • flexible dates
  • only you and your teacher
Placement Test

Test your German
Is this your first time doing a German course? In that case you should do a placement test before booking a course. This will help us determine, if you have any previous knowledge, to define a learning goal with you and to pick the appropriate course.

5 steps to your online course

  • Book

    Book your course online from the comfort of your home.

  • Placement Test

    Can you already speak some German? Then register for our free placement test, to determine your exact level of German.

    Illustration mit Kursstufen aufsteigend angeordnet
  • Preparation

    [[Sie lernen Ihre Lehrkraft kennen und können sich mit der Lernplattform vertraut machen. ]]

    Illustration mit zwei Zahnräder und einem Stift
  • Course start

    You will receive all important information from your teacher in the first lesson. Your teacher will also support you throughout the course.

    Illustration mit einer Rakete
  • Well done!

    You have learnt a lot and completed the course successfully. We hope you have fun using your German. You can now sign up for one of our official examinations of continue with another German course to continuously improve your German.

    Illustration mit abgehakten Aufgaben

Important Questions right now

Any questions? +27 11 442 3232 We are here to help: JOH-Learngerman@goethe.de