The Goethe-Institut South Africa deals with many topics and issues, including critical ones. Relevant topics are discussed and debated both locally and globally in various formats and offerings.

Zeitgeister Keyvisual Illustration: © El Boum

House of African Feminisms (HoAF) © House of African Feminisms

Being Kafka

From surreal bureaucracies to humorous or nightmarish abysses: a special edition of ZEITGEISTER commemorates Franz Kafka, master of literary unease, who died 100 years ago on 3rd June 1924.

Illustration zu "Being Kafka" © Goethe-Institut, Illustration: Roberto Maján

Power Talks

Can a European cultural institution actually play a role in the cultural landscape of Africa…are cultural institutes situated north on the globe now confined to being pure donors…or can they share in the dialogue of the south [and] ask to partake in, or even help shape, processes that are decidedly emancipatory?

Powertalks .

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