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Can this still be eaten or does it have to go? Fruit and vegetables top the list of disposable foods in German households. Photo (detail): © Sirplus

Rescuing food
Can this still be eaten or does it have to go?

Wellingtons as planters in a Bächle. Photo (detail): © Adobe

City contours
Eco-city with a bath for ladies

Children's and Young Adult Literature in Africa and Europe

Not all that long ago, the line between ideals and ideologization was very fine in children’s and young adult literature. Photo (detail): picture alliance/ZB/ddrbildarchiv

Children’s and young adult literature
Are you what you read?

Q-R-T. Flummi allein zuhaus (i.e. Q-R-T. Super Ball alone at home) Photo (detail): © Ferdinand Lutz / Reprodukt

Comics for kids and teens
Dog reporter meets dinosaurs


Coding da Vinci participants roll out their ideas in the six-week project phase.  Photo (detail): © Coding da Vinci

The digitalisation of culture

exhibition experiment „Open Codes“, 2017/ 2018 Photo: Anne-Sophie Stolz © ZKM Karlsruhe

Democracy needs thinking – how we learn to rethink in a digital world

Young voices in web politics came together at the Youth Internet Governance Forum. Photo: Paul Stender

Combatting Fake News with Education


The District Six Museum in Cape Town, which documents the history of the District Six district. The museum is housed in a former Methodist church that was a meeting place for apartheid opponents in the 1980s. Photo (detail): Andreas Gebert © dpa-Report

The District Six Museum

“Invisible Inventories, Installation, 2018” Photo: Shift Collective

The Return to Wakanda

During the cultural week “The Burden of Memory” in Yaoundé Photo: Yvon Yamsi

Finally starting the conversation