Somos berlíneses!

Adry del Rocío - "El hogar está dónde está el corazón“© Adry del Rocío, Photo: Sehr Bueno
The old post office site in the Berlin district of Spandau has - at least temporarily - become a place of the arts. This was made possible by the fact that the site was given over to associations such as "Neuen Urbanen Welten" (New Urban Worlds), whose activities on the site were aimed at reviving Spandau's cultural scene and bringing together creative people of all kinds. The abandoned and derelict premises of the Alte Post were used, among other things, as a shooting location for music videos and as a venue for events, and the old parcel hall on the premises was rebaptized “Urban Art Hall”, a space dedicated to Street Art. Mostly local, but also international artists were to present themselves here legally and in a creative, exchange-oriented environment. And that's what some of Mexico's best street art artists have done, and this series showcases some of the best pieces. In October 2019, New Urban Worlds came to an end, with the creation of offices, condominiums and other commercial spaces. But the story contionues: The Neue Urbane Welten is already looking for new premises!
„Mágico Berlin“ Sr. Papá Chango
© Sr. Papá Chango, Photo: Sehr Bueno
Oscar Axo: Flor y Canto
© Oscar Axo, Photo: Sehr Bueno
Los Calladitos & Sr. Papá Chango „Protección“
© Los Calladitos & Sr. Papá Chango, Foto (Detail): Sehr Bueno
Tomer Limaje - Mayas en Berlin
© Tomer Limaje, Photo: Sehr Bueno
Hech Uno "Magnetismo“
© Hech Uno, Photo: Sehr Bueno