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How does it work?

Do you have a question or a problem? Do you need answers or tips? In an advice session you will find people who will help you. These counsellors will know the answer to your question, or they will know where you can get help. 

What if you don’t want to go to an advice session on your own? Then you could take someone with you, for instance your husband or wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or another person. Many advice centres also allow you to phone them. The counsellors will answer your questions over the telephone then. And there are also online advice services: you can ask your question via e-mail or chat. 

The advice sessions are anonymous: the counsellors only discuss your questions and problems with you. They are not allowed to tell anyone else about your questions and problems. The advice is also neutral: the counsellors want to help you. You can tell them confidential things, you have no need to be afraid. Usually the advice sessions are also free: you don’t have to pay for the help you receive. Sometimes they will be able to help you immediately; other times you have to make an appointment. 

Are any special advice services available for me?

Special advice services are available for immigrants: The Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer (Migration Advice for Adult Immigrants; MBE) and the Jugendmigrationsdienste (Youth Migration Services; JMD) are anonymous, neutral and free. The MBE will help all adult immigrants. The JMD helps people aged between 12 and 27 and their parents. The counsellors there normally speak several different languages. What if the counsellor doesn’t speak your language, and your German is not yet good enough? Then an interpreter can help you: he speaks both languages. 

What can I ask the counsellors?

The JMD and MBE will help you with all your questions and problems to do with living in Germany, for instance: How long can I stay in Germany on my visa? Where can I find help if I have family problems? Where can I learn German? Where can I find accommodation? Can I work in Germany? Where can I find a job? What do I do if I have financial problems? What do I do if I am sick? Who will help me if I have a baby? Where do I get a driving licence? What train ticket do I need? Where can I have my certificates authenticated? In particular the JMD also helps with orientation in the school / vocational training system. 

I’m already in Germany. How can I find an advice service?

You are already in Germany and trying to contact a migration advice service? You can find the addresses of migration advice services (MBE or JMD) near your place under the heading Important addresses. Then you will see the results with information such as address or telephone number on a map. 

You can also use the MBE or JMD online counselling service.

I’m still in my home country. Is there an advice service that I can contact?

Our colleagues at the Goethe-Institutes at 61 locations will help you in the pre-integration project "Living and working in Germany". Our colleagues will advise you or give you information on a suitable advice service. Here you can see all countries: Map of pre-integration locations