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Europanetzwerk Deutsch

Netzwerktreffen 2018 Photo: (detail): © Bernhard-Ludewig

The Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut promote the German language as a working and procedural language in the European institutions with the exclusive scholarship program Europanetzwerk Deutsch. Various language course programs as well as events with sociopolitical and cultural topics offer the opportunity to deepen existing German skills and to become part of a dedicated alumni network in Europe. The offers of the Europanetzwerk Deutsch take place face-to-face and online.

Latest News

In view of the situation concerning COVID-19 we will continue to offer you many interesting online offers in the first half of 2021 under the heading Europanetzwerk Digital.
In addition, we are pleased to present our new podcast kurz & bündig, with which you can learn more about Germany and the German language.
From the second half of the year onwards we expect to be back with offers such as our EU-courses in Germany or events in Brussels. Here you will find an overview of our events.

Course and event calendar

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