Exam partners

Exam partners are institutions that have regularly run German courses over the last few years. They also prepare candidates for Goethe-Institut exams. Here, you will find information on how to become a partner.

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There are two types of contractual collaboration:
Authorized exam centres conclude a contract with the Goethe-Institut responsible: the institutions conduct examinations under the supervision of the Goethe-Institut and grade the examinations themselves. The Goethe-Institut orders the examination materials and issues the certificates. 
Licensees conclude a contract with the Goethe-Institut Head Office. The institutions conduct exams independently, i.e. they order exam materials, organize exams, grade papers and issue certificates. The Goethe-Institut exercises supervisory control.

  • An application must be submitted by an institution (e.g. university, adult education centre, cultural organization, language school, etc.). The Goethe-Institut does not issue exam mandates to individuals. 
  • There is no Goethe-Institut or other Goethe-Institut exam partner in the local area. 
  • The institution has offered German courses for some time, has appropriately sized premises, and can appoint an exam coordinator with a very good knowledge of German and professional qualifications. 
  • Examiners have the necessary professional and linguistic qualifications. 
  • The institution has worked with the Goethe-Institut for a long time and has built up trust. 
  • The Goethe-Institut responsible can confirm this. 

The Goethe-Institut issues licences and authorizations for all its exams. At a later stage, it is possible to extend a licence or authorization to include additional exams. 

There is no licence fee. 
Exam fees apply uniformly throughout a country. Institutions acting as authorized exam centres pay part of this amount to the Goethe-Institut responsible for covering exam materials and certificates. 
Licensees pay part of the exam revenue to the Goethe-Institut Head Office for all services such as exam material, certificates, professional development and consultation. A fee is payable on conclusion of the contract as stipulated by the Goethe-Institut responsible or the Head Office. 

Both the Goethe-Institut and the exam partner have a vested interest in ensuring that Goethe-Institut exams are available as broadly as possible and conducted professionally. The supporting Goethe-Institut and the Head Office in Munich will regularly organize examiner training programs and seminars for exam coordinators. Partners are provided with current advertising and information material. There is an online study centre available to licensees for dialogue and information. 

Please consult your nearest Goethe-Institut.

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