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Podcast Complete 1941 Hollywood Diary: 

Listen to all the diary entries in the Omnibus version

Podcast 0: Trailer – Introducing Real is Not Real Enough
"Enter the house of life and its endless space." 

Podcast 1: 7th of March, 1941 – THE NAZI BOOTS
“A strange kind of place – this Palace.”

Podcast 2: 10th of March, 1941 – THE IMITATION GAME
“One certainly can't learn cutting corners.”

Podcast 3: 11th of March, 1941 – THE DUSTY BIG BOYS
“It’s a question of prestige.”

Podcast 4. 14th of March, 1941 – CINEMA WITH L.
“It's like... like... Cheesecake!”

Podcast 5: 15th of March, 1941 – HISTORY POLISH
“with a patch of sewn-on snow.”

Podcast 6: 16th of March, 1941 – THE THREE NAPOLEONS
“In Hollywood, the Berezina snow will never melt.”

Podcast 7: 17th of March, 1941 – REAL QUALITY
“The past must have seemed like a kingdom of make-belief.”

Podcast 8: 20th of March, 1941 – SISTER ACT
“What poor, unfortunate items!”

Podcast 9: 21st of March, 1941 – SCHMINKRAUM FOR THINGS
“Sic transit gloria mundi.”

Podcast 10: 23rd of March, 1941 – SURVIVING EUROPE
How childish to believe that fake is fake.”

Podcast 11: 26th of March, 1941 – NEW IS NOT NEW ENOUGH
“The past is becoming all the rage.”

Podcast 12: 4th of April, 1941 – B.
“And who knows the world? You? Or them?”