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Local Projects

KinoKonzert Series | Photographer: Gergo Palmai Photographer: Gergo Palmai


KinoKonzert is a new series of audio-visual live performances in Australian cinemas. Curated and presented by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with independent curator Christian Pazzaglia, these events will take you into another world as you enter the hybrid cinema-concert experience.

Real is not real enough © Eric Löbbecke

Real is not real enough

Real is not Real Enough is an audio experience based on the work of the writer and philosopher Günther Anders. California 1941: real war in Europe, fake blood in Los Angeles. Join us we enter the HOLLYWOOD COSTUME PALACE, where movie magic is made. This audio work is an adaptation of Günther Anders’ remarkable diary “Washing the Corpses of History”. And remember, always keep it real.

kultur Magazin ©Christian Mio Loclair (Ausschnitt)

kultur Magazin

kultur highlights some of the Goethe-Institut’s cultural programs and events in Australia in the current year. Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the people and organisations we work with.

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