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Luke Troynar

Luke Troynar Headshot Born in Melbourne, Luke Troynar is a part-time wordsmith, part-time musician and semi-aspiring member of the workforce. He shares his time in Berlin between preparing a PhD proposal on the semiotics of memes, fronting his dark pop music duo 'Bad Tropes', fashioning his satirical blog 'Pathetic Inversions' and procuring work as a freelance writer capriciously.

Brianna Summers

Brianna Summers Headshot Brianna Summers has a fondness for inventing words. She excels at Denglish and can crack jokes in German. When not translating, copywriting or blogging, Brianna enjoys making parties and driving with a bike. She has been on a 'working holiday' in Berlin for the past eleven years. Her family in Melbourne has stopped asking her when she is coming home.

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