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Luke Troynar

Luke Troynar Headshot Born in Melbourne, Luke Troynar is a part-time wordsmith, part-time musician and semi-aspiring member of the workforce. He shares his time in Berlin between toying with the prospect of academia, fronting his dark pop music duo 'Bad Tropes', fashioning his satirical blog 'Pathetic Inversions' and procuring work as a freelance writer capriciously.

Brianna Summers

Brianna Summers Headshot Brianna Summers has a fondness for inventing words. She excels at Denglish and can crack jokes in German. When not translating, copywriting or blogging, Brianna enjoys making parties and driving with a bike. She has been on a 'working holiday' in Berlin for the past eleven years. Her family in Melbourne has stopped asking her when she is coming home.

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