Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions: cultural program

The mandate of the Goethe-Institut is to present important positions, ideas and arts practices of the
contemporary German and European culture scenes to Australians.

We focus on topics in multi-year cycles. For 2019 - 2022, these are:
  • How New Ideas Supercede Old Ideas
  • The Culture of Equal Rights
  • Ecology and Sustainability
We also organise several residencies for German artists and experts together with our local
partners, offer international liaison work and consulting as well as promote European cultural
understanding, for e.g. through our cooperation with other European cultural institutes across
Being an independent organisation and the official cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, our primary focus is culturally interested Australians, such as artists and curators, experts, opinion leaders and academics, students and other young adults, as well as the general public.

The Goethe-Institut does not represent expatriates or German citizens abroad. If you have consular inquiries, please contact your German consulate or embassy. In addition, you will find several German networks and heritage organisations in Australia.
The Goethe-Institut in Sydney is pleased to hire out a large multi-purpose room to the following organisations:
  • Cultural institutions
  • Music ensembles and small theatre groups
  • Community groups and other organisations, including businesses 
  • Conferences
The Goethe-Institut Sydney is housed in an attractive heritage building located in one of Sydney's most prestigious streets.
Please note: The proposed use of the venue should be consistent with the philosophy of the Goethe-Institut. Inspections are very welcome.
No. The Goethe-Institut Australia plans and organises cultural projects related to Germany in Australia. In addition, we arrange selected programs and stipends for Australian arts experts to travel to Germany. Please contact the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australian Embassy in Berlin regarding all questions about Australian projects in Germany.
No. The Goethe-Institut Australia organises its own programs and events together with local Australian organisations and partners.

In contrast to various foundations and Australian councils, the Goethe-Institut is not a funding body and does not grant subsidies or provide sponsorship.

New ideas for German-Australian projects or events are welcome. Please approach us well in advance (at least 12 months).