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Culture Online

Berlin Reichstag ©Ceparedonda Pixabay

Spotlight on Germany

Take a closer look at different aspects of life in Germany.

Crop of Marvel Comics “The Incredible Hulk” # 376, "Personality Conflict" Photo: © Grand Comics Database™ | CC BY-SA 4.0

Digital magazine “Fehler”
The same in green

The digital magazine “Fehler” celebrates mistakes, errors, and happy accidents and their innovative power with perspectives from Germany, India, Canada, and the USA. Hulk, the famous monster of Marvel comics, also owes its trademark to a printing error.

Excerpt from the graphic novel “Jein” by Büke Schwarz Illustration: © Büke Schwarz/Jaja Verlag

Trends in German Comics
Drawing on Life

Now as ever, real life remains the most vital source of inspiration for the German comics scene, even in these troubling times of the coronavirus crisis. Many German cartoonists have been artistically processing the pandemic and its effects on everyday life – and publishing their comics online.

Johannes Ebert, Secretary-General of the Goethe-Institut Photo (detail): Martin Ebert

Annual Report 2019/2020: Europe
Litmus Test for Europe

The Annual Report 2019/2020 of the Goethe-Institut is dedicated to Europe. In his editorial, Johannes Ebert, Secretary-General of the Goethe-Institut, speaks out in favour of solidarity and cultural and social networking – especially in times of the Corona pandemic.

Onleihe Banner © Goethe-Institut


The Onleihe, Goethe-Institut's online library, is full of German books, music, magazines, audio books and movies. And you have free access to this wide range of offers!

The title Kulturama.digital is shown against a blue-white-orange background including the following objects: glasses, an eye and a mouth. Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

International Livestreams

Kulturama brings international culture into your living room: house concerts live from Buenos Aires, puppet theatre from the kitchen or live acts from the Berlin club scene. Organisers enter their events and open them to international audiences. Spectators can find dates and support artists with donations.