Film Screening Mountain Miracle - An Unexpected Friendship

Amelie runs Cine Star Group

Wed, 29.05.2019

Kino Cinemas

45 Collins St
VIC 3000 Melbourne


Thirteen-year old Amelie is a rebellious city girl from Berlin. After a life-threatening asthma attack, she is sent to a health resort in South Tyrol. She resists the treatment and escapes the resort, leading her to befriend a young cow herder from the local village named Bart. Together they climb the mountains in secret, hoping to find a cure for Amelie’s asthma in an ancient summit fire ritual.

Type: Feature
Year: 2017
Lenghts: 97 minutes
Level: Later years
German w /engl Subtitles

Sickness, asthma, child-parents relationship, first love 

Language Usage
Mild swearing and youth language

Drug Use