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Are your students interested in AI? Have they always wanted to know how it actually works, where we can find it in our everyday life and what its limits are?
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to book one of only six individual digital AI workshops facilitated by two experienced tutors from IMAGINARY. This German non-profit organisation for the communication of modern mathematics has successfully conducted many workshops with schools around the world and is now brought digitally to Australia by the Goethe-Institut.

STEM Workshops for Secondary Students

Students will explore core concepts of artificial intelligence, the science behind it, its impact on society and how to use interactive AI content for language acquisition. The workshops are interactive and include elements of inquiry-based learning, own experiments, craft and learning games.
Each 90-minute workshop commences with the topic Neural Numbers and continues with Gradient Descent or Piano Genie, depending on students’ interest. They will get to know how neural networks learn through examples.
Neural Numbers
Experiment with an AI that can understand your handwriting and discover how this ability is slowly developed through a learning process like the one humans follow.

Gradient Descent
Find the treasure hidden in the deepest point of the ocean floor by lowering a probe from your research ship and discover how AIs learn through the same strategies you developed to win.
Piano Genie
Explore music with AI. Have fun pretending you’re a piano virtuoso - the more you pretend to be a real player, the better the AI will make you sound.


Secondary students of German, one class or combined with max. 30 students per workshop from one school only.
English with German elements, all levels welcomed.
90 minutes
1 September – 30 November

Please let us know in the registration form which dates would suit you best.
School times (preferably 2 first periods in the morning) or after school. Subject to availability. 
Previous knowledge of AI not required. 
The workshops will be conducted by two experienced workshops presenters from Germany. Should the workshop take place after school, the teacher’s attendance is not necessary unless required by the school policy.  
Students will need their own computer with camera and microphone (ideally a headset) and internet, camera is a plus but not necessary. All activities are browser based. Please verify prior to registering that the websites below can accessed on school server and students’ computers. 

* required
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