Smart & Fast Expanding Cities

vancouver skyline photo by Warp1

During a 5 day online Thinkathon, participants from Vancouver and Madrid engaged in creating policy recommendations, social media campaigns, and informative videos - all surrounding the topic "Smart & Fast Expanding Cities". 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Vancouver/Madrid Thinkathon was adapted to the online realm in order for participants to adhere to their social distancing obligations, whilst still engaging in the event from the comfort of their homes. 

This adaptation suited the focus of the event as it gave a first-hand demonstration of how useful and necessary informative & communication technologies (ICT) are in the present, and the potential they have for the future. Together, participants managed to use these tools to their advantage by working overseas with one another, in order to ensure that no one is excluded from our digital future. 

Find below some of the ideas that were created during this online cross-continental event!





Launch digital literact after-school workshops in Vancouver's inner city schools, once a week, in addition to providing broadband/internet access at home in order to practice and reciprocate through weekly assignments.


Create a digital political methodology and platform for citizen engagement in discussions on important urban matters (green spaces, housing, transport…) on various governance levels (city, district, neighborhood). The platform is to connect urban citizens with the work of policy-makers at these different levels. Its goal is to inform citizens about urban developments and empower them to engage in the conversation around decision-making related to their urban environment.


Open a new avenue of engagement by implementing quarterly roundtable stakeholder meetings at the provincial and municipal level between private tech companies, local communities, and government actors.


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