Street art discoveries from Mexico, Canada and the US
#Artbits Special CDMX

Ausschnitt Mexiko: Neugeborene Kultur und Gesellschaft © Seher One, Photo: Daniel Espinoza Cisne

The street art scene in Mexico City is thriving!

So it’s high time that we took a detailed look at the many different facets of the scene. It would be impossible to summarize the city’s large – and constantly growing – street art scene in a single article, so we have selected eight outstanding artists to introduce you to in this dossier.

To give you as diverse an overview as possible, we tried to find examples that address topical issues in the city, interpreted by artists of different origins, styles and backgrounds. The spectrum ranges from very well-known artists such as Seher One and Curiot to up-and-coming artists with important messages to convey, such as Sofia Weidner and Oceane Isla.

All the artists share a common desire to use their street art to communicate a powerful message to the world, be it political or social in nature.