#aboutBeuys: Artistic Appropriations, Confrontations & Critiques

Joseph Bueys on a Tram
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Presented by the Goethe-Institut
In May 2021, Joseph #Beuys would have turned 100 years old. With the video series #aboutBeuys, the Goethe-Institut focuses on the history of the impact of his ideas and art. Artists from all over the world talk about the reception and reverberation of Beuys in their own thinking and work. We want to avoid heroic narratives and look less at Beuys' legacy than at the diverse appropriations, confrontations, critiques, and questions about this legacy. #Beuys100

Munich-based artist Kalas Liebfried is kicking off #aboutBeuys.  

German-Sudanese artist Zaki Al-Maboren reflects on Beuys’ artwork “7000 Oaks,” which was part of the documenta in 1982.