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In Focus


Contemporary Art

KunstRaumGoethe is an event-series of the Goethe-Institut Cyprus launched in 2020 consisting of exhibitions with contemporary artists and curators, who are connected to Germany and Cyprus in different ways and/or deal with this in their work.

In the right quarter of the image the text "Frau Architekt" is written in white letters on an orange background. The rest of the image is a collage of black and white photographs. These show various architectural works and designs as well as women architects at work. © Goethe-Institut Zypern

Frau Architekt

The Frau Architekt exhibition in Nicosia presents the work and personal portraits of 11 female Cypriot architects, in addition to the 22 female German architects originally presented at the DAM (German Architecture Museum) in Frankfurt, in 2017.

In Focus Photo: Pexels/pixabay.com (CC0 1.0)

On Site

Conversations with artists from Germany. What has been their experience in regards to the island’s cultural scene and the exchange with local artists? What made them decide to engage in artistic activity here in Cyprus for a period of time?