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Practise German free of charge

Whether video, podcast, worksheets or e-learning: with our numerous free offers for learning German, there is something for every language level and every language need. Practise German pleasurably.

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Deutsch für dich

The community of Deutsch für dich (German for you) offers a number of different exercises (levels A1-C2) for learning German for free. People learning German can exchange ideas with each other in groups and forums.

Your exercises by topic

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Life and everyday situations

Here you will find German exercises for all common and unusual life situations. Get to know everyday life in Germany and consolidate your basic knowledge.

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Work and profession

Do you need to know German for your job? Our exercises about the world of work will help you. Practise technical vocabulary and get to know every-day working life in Germany.

A young man is sitting at a desk in a bright, friendly office and typing on a laptop.

Knowledge and education

Practising German and expanding your knowledge at the same time? With these German exercises you are guaranteed to boost your general knowledge! Boring was yesterday.

Learn German playfully

German trainer A1 Image: © Goethe-Institut

Learning app
German trainer A1

How do I count or tell the time in German? What is this dish called? How do I say please and thank you? This app for level A1 is a great way to start learning German, free of charge. The focus is on listening, reading, writing and learning important first words.

City of Words

The app is currently being updated. It will be available again soon.

Our learning app guides you through a fictional "Stadt der Wörter" (City of Words). In interactive exchange with other players, the free app teaches vocabulary at the A1/A2 level.

Graphic of the game "Superhero Campus" © Goethe-Institut

Online game
The Superhero Campus

In "Superhelden-Campus" you can train to become a superhero and protect the city from the evil scorpion.

Graphic of the game "Undercover Mission in the Hospital" © Goethe-Institut

Online game
Undercover mission in the hospital

Would you like to get to know the work of a nurse in a hospital? Then help detective Miro Silvia find out who stole the crown jewels in the "Undercover-Mission im Krankenhaus".

Practising German with podcasts

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Do you like podcasts?

Then look forward to our wide selection of free audios! We have something for every language level and interest; even German beginners will get their money's worth. Grab your headphones and listen in!

Your exercises with social media