Kyriaki Costa - Goethe-Institut Cyprus

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Kyriaki Costa

A lady stands smiling in front of a yellow ocher wall with a blue wooden window, under the afternoon sunlight. She has her long brown hair tied, her hands in both pockets of her black trousers and she wears a grey blouse and a neck chain.
Photo: Yiannis Kourtoglou

My experience with Goethe-Institut was like a breath of fresh air amidst the challenging year of the pandemic.

During this experience, what I admired the most was the director’s ability to truly interpret my perceptions on Head and Hand as well as the general objectives of my project that eventually led to the creation of the Temporal Inconsistencies exhibition.

I really appreciated the open-mindedness and general artistic and collaborative spirit of Karin, without whom I would not have been able to present my vision in such a coherent and visually creative way.

Thank you ever so much for offering me the opportunity to implement my project, and for helping me enrich my experiences and explore and highlight my skills as an artist in a building with such rich architecture history. I am truly looking forward to being a part of Goethe’s artistic agenda again.