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Home for Cooperation

A young woman (Andri Christophides) with straight brown hair and a peach shirt sits in front of a table and smiles at the camera. Her elbows are resting on the table and she is supporting her chin with her right hand. In the background, bookshelves can be seen blurred. A young woman (Nihal Soğancı) with long, brown wavy hair and a yellow jacket sits in front of a table and smiles at the camera. Her hands rest on the table.
Photos: Kerim Belet

The Goethe-Institut has been a great supporter of our efforts in building bridges between separated communities, memories and visions and has contributed greatly to bolster social change through arts and culture in Nicosia, Cyprus and the region.

Our most preeminent memories with the Goethe-Institut revolve around the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, one of our peacebuilding programs, challenging physical and artistic barriers, providing opportunities of interaction and promoting trust between different communities locally and internationally.

In this process of embedding creativity into a social process, the Goethe-Institut’s peacebuilding endeavours have been a source of inspiration for the Festival and for the Home for Cooperation. The long-lasting collaboration with the Institute, has always been crucial in increasing the Festival’s potential in reaching out to diverse groups in Cyprus, while supporting local and international artists with rehearsals, performance venues as well as providing an intellectual and creative space.

We truly appreciate our collaboration and the close relationship established with the Goethe-Institut over the years. We wish the Goethe-Institut a happy anniversary and are looking forward to strengthening our partnership in the near future through many more opportunities.